Best Electric Bike Locks: Securing Your Baby

Shopping Guide / Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

So you just bought or built your dream ebike? Now you’re wanting to know the best electric bike locks so that you can safely secure your baby?

I completely understand.

Now is not the time to get stingy with your money. You’ve spent a significant amount of money on this electric bike. Don’t skimp out on securing it!

I had to conquer this mental barrier myself actually. I ended up spending 4% of my total ebike build on my locks.

While it may have been $80 I didn’t really think about spending initially, it sure is 80 of the most important dollars of my build!

There’s a lot of different locks out there to use. Ranging from your dad’s old shoelace thick cable lock, to chains heavy enough to lift a truck.

I may or not may not be exaggerating about the truck.

You decide.

Lock Types

Best Electric Bike Locks: Cable lock on bike

So what type of locks are most common in the world of bikes?

  • U Locks
  • Folding Locks
  • Chain Locks
  • Cable Locks

What lock is best for you and your bike, highly depends upon your situation.

Ask yourself these questions to begin with:

  • How much are you willing to spend to secure your ebike?
  • Where do you leave your bike unattended? And for how long?
  • How secure do you want your ebike to be?
  • How practical do you need your locks to be?
Lock Type Affordable Practical Secure
U Lock U locks are the most expensive, with decent ones starting around $60USD. Generally u locks limit what you can lock to as they have a rigid frame and small inner area. U locks are one of the most secure locks for your ebike.
Folding Lock Folding locks are somewhat expensive, with Kryptonite locks starting around $50USD. Folding locks are very practical owing to being easily shaped as needed. Folding locks are much more secure than cable locks, but are dubious compared to other locks.
Chain Lock Chain locks such as Kryptonite chain locks start at around $30USD. Chain locks are quite practical as they can bend and fold as needed. However they tend to be quite heavy. Chain locks are a step down from u locks in terms of security. But they're still very secure compared to other bike locks.
Cable Lock Cable locks tend to be the cheapest starting at around $10USD. Cable locks are the most practical locks due to their ability to fit essentially any bike. Along with the added benefit of being very light. Cable locks are the least secure as they can easily be cut by small bolt cutters.

What Lock Type Is Best For Me?

If you’re leaving your bike in a high risk area such as a major city, university or college campus, you’re going to need higher security locks.

Leaving your bike unattended for more than an hour, you’re probably going to need high security locks.

U Locks

The best high security lock you can get is going to be a U lock. If you get a U lock that is greater than 16mm (and made from hardened steel) then no bolt cutters will be able to get through it.

A U lock such as the Kryptonite New York Standard would be ideal.

Although almost any lock could be broken with say, an angle grinder. But that’s just bad luck.

If someone really wants your bike and they’re willing to use an angle grinder then uh, damn bud.

But that’s unlikely. Don’t sweat it.

Chain Locks

The next best lock for security would definitely be the chain lock.

Again, getting a chain with a thickness of 16mm or greater will secure it from bolt cutters.

That makes chain locks near impossible to break for any would be opportunist thieves!

If you want a beefy chain lock, check out Kryptonite New York Legend Chain

Or for something less beefy for easier practical uses, smaller chains will work (but are more easily cut through). Such as the Kryptonite Evolution Series-4 or the ABUS uGrip

Chain locks offer the best trade off between price, practicality and security.

They’re strong, easy to manipulate and attach to objects and also priced fairly.

Folding Locks

Folding locks are a different type of lock compared to what you’d expect.

They fold out and lock together to secure the bike. Although their security isn’t as good as a U lock or chain lock.

They’re easy to conform to what you’re locking to, and are light to carry around.

If you wanted a lock that you could throw on to have some decent security and is easy enough to take everywhere, a folding lock would be ideal.

Some of the highest security folding locks are the Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus and the cheaper alternative, the Abus Bordo 6000.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are terrible. Solely due to the fact of security. 90% of stolen bikes use cable locks.

So keep that statistic in mind when you’re eyeing up that secure, affordable, fancy cable lock. 🙂

My buying advice for cable locks?

Bike wheel left attached to anchor


Please don’t.

They’re not worth your time.

If you value your ebike, you’ll invest in something better than a cable lock.

Because if you lock your ebike with a cable lock, it will be gone next time you glance out the window at it.

The only thing that remains is a cut cable lock, and your everlasting resentment of your former self who purchased a cable lock.

While cable locks are awesome for their practicality and their affordability, they get zero points for security.

Spend your money elsewhere.

I’m going to link you a cable lock simply to look at. Don’t buy it. This is so you know what they look like and how to avoid them.

Don’t purchase a cable lock

If you need a light lock, get a folding lock or a U lock.

Need a practical lock? Get a chain lock or a folding lock.

Want something cheaper? Try ask your friends for a discount on their old chain or U locks.

What Do You Use?

I built my own ebike with a BBSHD motor which you can read about in my review!

I secure my ebike with a U lock and a chain lock.

Both of which are 16mm to prevent bolt cutters getting through!

Just Tell Me What I Should Use!

I’d recommend at least two locks. Three would be best if you really want to secure your bike, or it’s very expensive.

At least one U lock if you can fit it around what you’re locking to.

Two U locks would be great. As long as they’re both greater than 16mm!

For really top notch security, 3 U locks. Which would maybe be overkill.

Or you could have 2 U locks, with a chain lock to add flexibility to where you can park up your ebike.

Also you should make sure that you’re putting the locks in the right place.

Make sure you’re putting the locks through the frame and ideally the wheels at the same time.

So for your front U lock, putting it around the bike rack, or street lamp, through the bike frame and front wheel.

For the rear, around the bike rack, through the frame ideally too and the rear wheel.

This keeps your wheels secure – which is especially important if you have quick release wheels. It also keeps your frame securely attached to the bike rack, or other anchor.

So The Best Electric Bike Locks?

Hands down, if you’re looking for security above all else – U locks are the way to go.

If you’re after practicality, folding locks or chain locks are the way to go.

If you’re after cheapness, U locks are the way to go (again). You’ll get the most bang for your buck.

The best all round lock type is the chain lock. It offers awesome practicality, great security and is reasonably affordable.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, or let me know your bike lock setup!

Lock up and walk away!

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