Ebike Helmet: Nobody Likes A Sore Head

Informational / Monday, December 3rd, 2018

If you live somewhere on planet Earth, chances are you have to wear an ebike helmet (or any old helmet) when riding your bike.

And if you live somewhere not on Earth, awesome! Thanks for checking out this human’s website. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the internet.

Depending on where you live, your local laws may require you to have a certain standard for your ebike helmet.

But laws shouldn’t be the only thing making you want to wear a helmet.

I personally like the fact that it protects my head in case I fall off my ebike.

You may like them also for their style. I don’t judge. (I love your hair by the way).

So why an ebike helmet and not just some random helmet you found in the kid’s section at Walmart?

That’s a really great question. Let’s see why shall we?


Ebikes Are Cool. And Fast!

As I’m sure you will know, ebikes are generally faster than your typical bike.

Unless you’re a pro athlete with the lungs and stamina of a 20-year-old, in which case you’re probably speeding away at 30mph easily.

My BBSHD, for example, has gotten me up to nearly 40mph (65kmh). But that was with full throttle, pedalling as hard as I could, in the highest gear, while going slightly downhill. Your mileage may vary. Literally.

Luckily I didn’t fall off. But if I did, I would have been glad I was wearing a solid ebike helmet and not some dinky old one.

So before I bombard you with all my ebike knowledge, let’s jump into helmets. Why’re they’re cool and why you should grab an awesome one for your next ebike ride.


A Quick Guide To Helmets

Ebike Helmet: Man bikes with purple helmet on
This guy knows a cool helmet when he sees one

You probably know what a helmet is and what it does. I bet you’ve even been riding a bike since you were little.

Did your parents make you wear a helmet to protect you? I know my parents did.

A helmet nowadays is some sort of foam and plastic mould. Usually with cut out vents.

There is a hard plastic shell on the outside of the helmet, and some sort of soft fabric often on the inside. This makes it durable enough to protect you from impacts. But the inside is also comfortable enough for you to wear on long rides and in not so nice conditions.


Compared to a motorcycle helmet a normal bicycle helmet is a lot smaller and usually only covers the top of your head. Bicycle helmets are designed to allow for you to keep your peripheral vision while biking. Having your peripheral vision is an important safety aspect while riding. Keeping you safe from other road users and allowing you to be aware of your surroundings.


What’s Wrong With A Normal Helmet?

Group of road cyclists with helmets on
Normal road cyclists with normal helmets!

Okay, so you know what a normal bike helmet is. But what’s wrong with using it with an ebike?

Like I mentioned before, it’s of course all about safety. As ebikes go much faster than regular bikes, you need to be protected.

Normal helmets generally don’t cover much of the sides or the back of your head.

An ebike helmet is designed so that you can take a hit to your head from almost any angle.

The helmet will have longer side and back protective areas. So if you were to land on the side of your head, you would be alright.


You could just use a motorcycle helmet while on your ebike. But they’re usually very heavy, bulky and cost a lot of money. They’re safe, most definitely as you would expect. But for most people (myself included) they’re not the best choice.

This is where we have the ebike helmet. Stronger than a normal helmet, but not as expensive as a motorcycle helmet.

Often times a helmet will come with integrated lights to add that extra safety factor to your ride.


If you’re going to be riding your ebike off the road and on the trails you might need a different helmet altogether. Usually, for the best protection, you’re going to want a full face helmet. If you run into something really nasty (like a tree) then you’ll be glad you went all out on your ebike helmet. Especially considering how fast you could be going on some trails with an ebike.


My Favourite Helmets

Recently there have been a few really good ebike helmets coming out.

Have a quick look below to compare them.


Picture Product Benefits Get It
Abus Urban Looks More Like A Cycling Helmet, Integrated LED, CPSC Certified, Great Protection
Abus Hyban Integrated LED, CPSC Certified, Small Visor, Great Protection
Base Camp Cycling Budget Friendly, Drop Down Visor, Large


The Abus Urban is my favourite helmet because of its looks, comfort and features. Not to mention it’s CPSC certified in the US.

It comes in a few different colours, has soft straps and interior padding. Comes with an integrated red light at the back of the helmet to keep you visible day and night.

Plus it looks more like a regular cycling helmet, which is great. Compared to a few other helmets which look more round.

If you like the rounded look, the Abus Hyban is probably more your type of ebike helmet. It has essentially all of the goodness from the Urban, but in a round form factor.

Most importantly either will keep your brain nice and safe inside should something bad happen to you while you’re riding.


Blurry image of man cycling on road

The Ebike Helmet Recap

Everything we have discussed today boils down to this.

Helmets are cool, but ebike helmets are even cooler.

They will keep you safe while riding and look stylish doing it. A normal helmet isn’t ideal for riding ebikes, which is why we recommend these helmets specifically made for ebiking.

With significantly extra padding and strength, a proper helmet will keep you safe from any hard hits to the head.

If you’re unsure of what to get, I recommend checking out the Abus Urban for the best looking helmet with the best features (like an integrated LED light at the rear).

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