Blix Vika+ Review: Style And Elegance

Reviews / Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Looking for a new bike can be a daunting process. Luckily our Blix Vika+ review is here to let you know the dirty details of this cool looking bike.

Maybe you’re looking for a step-through bike because of an injury, or you find top bar bike difficult to get on. Pairing a step-through design with the power of an electric motor gives this bike an incredible feeling.

Blix also have another ace up their sleeve with the Vika+ though. It’s a folding bike which means it’s really cut in half when you buy it! Making for easy storage or transport (when you’re not riding it)!


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Initial Impressions

My initial impressions of the Vika+ were very positive. This bike looks much better in real life than it does in photos. (Which is a good thing)

The look of the bike reflects a modern style and a laid-back feel. Young or old, you will feel a million bucks on this bike.

The battery placement looks secure and has no impact on your seating or how you would normally ride – just as it should be.

A 350W rear hub motor fits snugly inside the rear wheel, making it very stealthy and hard to see.

The handlebars have a lovely wide leather grip on them. Both comfortable and premium feeling.

Weighing in at 49lbs (22kg) I found the bike easy to ride around, but a bit difficult to carry any significant distance. If all you’re doing is folding the bike and putting it away, you won’t have an issue. If you’re trying to carry it to a building down the road, I’d think twice about that!

An easy to use display with PAS and light controls along with a thumb throttle are placed well on the handlebars.



Blix Vika+ Saddle

While the Vika+ has a leather saddle and springs underneath, I didn’t find the seat to be all that comfortable.

The springs are meant to absorb some of the impacts when riding, but I felt they didn’t actually do anything for me at all.

If you’re going to grab a Vika+, I would 100% suggest getting some sort of gel seat cover or a suspension seat post. This will help your backside in case of any unexpected bumps, tree roots or potholes!

The handlebars are very comfortable to hold for the duration of your ride. My hands never got sore or tired while riding!

It was super cold though so as an aside, wear gloves when you ride in the cold! My poor cold fingers…


Unfortunately, the Vika+ does not come with any suspension. I found the overall ride to be very bumpy. Every bump, pothole or crack in the road was known to me. The small wheels on the Vika+ also meant that the bumps were felt more easily.

Like I mentioned before, nothing that a good suspension seat post can’t fix!


I’m a bit of a taller guy (6 foot 1) – and this bike is a bit on the smaller side. However, in saying that I still found the posture and ride to be comfortable for me and not at all tiring. If you’re around my height or smaller, you’ll have no problem at all on this bike. The handlebars and seat post are both adjustable as needed, so no worries there.


Ride And Motor Feel

Rear Hub Motor

Blix have packed in a super sweet 350W rear hub motor. For me as a speed junkie, it’s probably sitting on the lower end (I do have a BBSHD 1000W motor after all) but it’s still no slouch!

From the get-go, I was easily able to outpace cars when accelerating off from the green lights. Getting up to 18mph easily with full pedal assist.

It certainly packs enough punch to get the wind flowing through your gorgeous hair!

You can choose from 4 (well technically 5) different levels of pedal assist. Zero pedal assist, or 1 – 4. With level 4 being the highest. Pedal assist (PAS) levels can be changed whenever you want, stopped or biking.

The handlebars are also complemented by the thumb throttle for you to use at your pleasure. Starting from zero speed, you can mash the throttle and be speeding off in no time!

This motor is very quiet during rides, so you’ll barely notice it’s there at all. Apart from the feeling of it accelerating you!


Battery Shenanigans

Ebike Battery Behind Seat post

Blix have packed in a 36v 11Ah battery pack that sits snugly behind the seat post. It’s surrounded by the frame so that it can’t be damaged. You have the ability to upgrade to a 17Ah battery during the purchase of a Vika+ (or separately later on, but at a much higher price).

The battery can be easily removed by flipping up the seat and just pulling up on the battery handle. It comes right out, so you can easily bring it inside for theft prevention, or easy charging! To replace the battery, simply slide it back down and click it into place at the bottom of the frame by pushing down. Done!

They claim the 11Ah battery lasts up to 35mi (56km) and the 17.5Ah battery up to 55mi (88km). Of course, these are probably stretched as far as possible and I would expect about 25mi (40km) and 45mi (72km) during normal riding (If you want to stretch your ebike range, check out my article here on how to increase your ebike range).

I was satisfied with how long it lasted when using full pedal assist. About 24mi. Which is plenty to get you around. Luckily the battery charger is very lightweight, so you could just as easily bring it with you and charge on the go!


Brakes, Handling, Cornering

Tektro Ebike Brakes

With smaller 20″ wheels, the Vika+ has a much tighter and responsive feeling handling. Especially compared to larger bikes with 26″ wheels. If you’re used to smaller wheels, this won’t be much different for you at all. If you regularly ride larger bikes, this will feel somewhat different as it did to me. (My main ebike is a converted mountain bike with 26″ wheels!).

You can power through corners while feeling still quite stable, and take sharp turns with ease.

The brakes are V brakes. Which aren’t quite as good as disc brakes. But since the Vika+ is mainly a city bike, you won’t be going fast enough to notice too much of a difference. They stop you as needed, and feel reliable doing so. Of course, V brakes put more strain on your bike rims, and you will need to replace them after a while. But don’t let that put you off, it’s common across all bikes with V brakes!

As with any good ebike, pulling on the brake levers will cut power to the rear hub motor immediately. No chance to ruin your motor at all!



Blix Bike Logo and Headlight

Woohoo, accessories time baby!

Vika+ shines bright thanks to it’s front and rear lights, directly power by the battery. So there’s no fiddling around with extra batteries, or solar chargers or any of that. A solid front white light and a solid rear red light make you stand out at night to increase your safety and visibility. Simply hold down the PAS change button and let there be light!

Over the rear wheel, you’ll find a rack that allows you to add pannier bags on the side. The rack also has a spring-loaded metal bar for holding things down tight.

The front and rear wheels also have fitted fenders to protect you and the bike from unwanted rain and muck if you’re ever caught out (or enjoy biking in the rain).



Blix Vika+ Review: Ebike folded

Did I mention the Vika+ is a folding ebike?

You can simply unclip the lock in the centre of the frame to fold the bike in half! You can also unscrew a small metal bar on the handlebar stem and fold the handlebars down too!

It’s a very easy process even without any instruction. You’ll be snapping bikes in half before you know it. Although you should probably check it see if they’re a folding bike before snapping it in half. Just saying.

Easy storage at work, home or in your RV. Also convenient to bring on the bus.

Foldable pedals are also featured, allowing even easier storage. Both upright or lying the bike down.


With a 30-day money back trial, you can rest assured you’re going to get the best service possible.
Free shipping to your local bike dealer to have it assembled (for free) or straight to your door is incredible value!

If that isn’t enough, you can spread your bike payment out using Klarna. Meaning you could pay as little as $100 per month! Talk about a sweet deal!

PLUS, if you use my coupon code at checkout, you can save yourself $100 off the price of your new Blix bike!
Just enter “HowTo100” at checkout, and you will save those hard earned dollars.


Blix Vika+ Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a stylish, practical and budget friendly intro to city ebikes, then the Vika+ is for you.

With plenty of power to get you around town. Killer looks for those concerned with image. A step-through frame caters to those less able to ride “traditional” bikes. Combined with the super functional folding aspect, the Vika+ is an easy winner in my books.

While it is heavy, the weight does not pose a problem when riding at all. Only if you’re carrying it around a lot. In which case I feel sorry for you and your arms.

Overall, this is a very sturdy bike that will see you have fun for years to come.



This is a sponsored review by Blix Bike. However, it does not change my thoughts or feelings on the bike and you are receiving my full unbiased review of the bike. This I can guarantee you.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on the Vika+. We have purchased two and are now on the quest for a bike rack that will fit on our RV. Can you recommend a good Ubar to use with the Hollywood HR 200Z bike rack?

    Thank you!

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