Best Waterproof Cycling Pants – Dry Is Usually Good!

Shopping Guide / Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Look, I’ll be honest with you. If you live anywhere where it rains, you’re going to want the best waterproof cycling pants you can get.

People who hike, get waterproof covers for their backpacks, and you as an avid cyclist should get waterproof pants!

It’s only reasonable, and expected for you to look after yourself when you’re having the time of your life cycling around!

But that begs the question. What are the best waterproof cycling pants that you should get?

I’ve rounded up the best of the best so that you can find exactly what suits you and your biking style!


Check out this table to quickly find what you’re looking for, and in-depth reviews of each pair below!


Picture Product Benefits Get It
4ucycling Waterproof Pants Zipped Ankles, Fleece Lining
Showers Pass Transit Pants Fit Over Existing Pants, Zipped Ankles
TBMPOY Outdoor Quick Dry Pants Multi-purpose, Built In Bely
Gore Bike Wear Pants Reinforced Seat, Gore-Tex Fabric
Arctix Snow Pants Windproof, Budget Friendly

4ucycling Waterproof Cycling Pants

 4ucycling has an awesome pair or water and windproof pants that will fit comfortably, and allow you to exercise easily!

Complete with spandex and polyester, these will see you through some rainfall and splashing about in the puddles. If you do that kind of thing, I don’t judge!

Fleece lining will keep you toasty warm for those colder winter month cycles. And of course no pair of pants would be complete with a useful array of pockets – these have 2 zip pockets at the top of the pants to keep your phone, wallet or bike chain lube secure!

You’ll also find zips around your ankles to fit these comfortably over any large boots of shoes you happen to be wearing – allowing for not just cycling use of these pants. Hiking is another activity these pants will excel at.

A downside that I find is that the bottom of the pants while having a zippered ankle, lack any sort of clinching or ability to tighten around socks or shoes. This may be a deal breaker if you’re serious about going into deep puddles with your bike, otherwise, it won’t be much of an issue!


Showers Pass Transit Pants

Looking for something to easily fit over your existing pants, or just on top of shorts? The Showers Pass Transit Pants should see you through.

With a 3 layer Artex nylon make, it will easily keep the rain off (especially more so if you never had waterproof pants before!)

A giant reflective silver stripe down each side of the pant legs should keep you visible on those foggy days or during the night. But don’t forget to have lights on your bike too!

As is the norm, we see a zip-up ankle that allows for fitting over shoes or boots, which means more rain stays out of the pant leg leaving you drier!

A con that I’ve seen is that if you’re using these pants a lot, you may wear through them faster than expected. Just something to keep in mind. If you’re using them at a more leisurely rate, these will still be a fine addition to your cycling wardrobe!


TBMPOY Outdoor Quick Dry Pants

A great pair of cycling pants is one that you can use in other areas of your life too. The TBMPOY outdoor pants are exactly that!

Perfectly waterproof with 97% polyester, 3% spandex for the optimum fit and a soft shell to allow for excellent mobility.

These pants were designed for the harsh conditions of outdoor mountain activities, which happens to include cycling. If you’re planning on hiking, cycling, running, skiing or anything that involves the outdoors or water. These are the pants to get.

With two large side pockets, you can keep your valuables dry and safe. Coupled with an elastic waistband and adjustable belt, these things aren’t going anywhere when you’ve got them on.

While these are heavy and warm, a downside to them is that they’re certainly not year-round pants (unless you live somewhere where summer doesn’t get very warm!) as you’ll find them very hot in the summer months. But for those days that see 32 Fahrenheit and below (0 degrees Celsius), you’ll be glad you got something super warm and durable!


Gore Bike Wear

Next on our round-up list is the ever awesome Gore Bike Wear. If you’re at all familiar with waterproof clothing, you’ve no doubt heard about Gore-Tex clothing.

Gore-tex fabric excels at stopping water from entering the clothing and allowing water vapour to escape. This means that you stay dry in the rain, but you also don’t get that damp, sticky feeling when you’re sweating.

Sporting a very lightweight fabric and soft shell outer, these pants are perfect in all the right places. A reinforced seat is perfect for the avid cyclist such as yourself, able to be worn over other pants, or directly to the skin. A velcro strip allows for the adjusting of the leg width.

Pre-formed knees allow for easy movement and agility while maintaining durability and strength.

You’ll be entering a whole new world of cycling when you can just throw your new Gore Bike Wear over your pants and enjoy the elements. Without experiencing the rain (or muddy puddles!) Coming in at just over 10 ounces (300 grams), you won’t even feel them when you’re wearing them!


Arctix Snow Pants

This one goes out to the budget conscious of you (I get it, you just dropped a lot of money on an ebike right!) Okay okay, hold on! I know these are “snow pants” but hear me out.

Imagine you’re going skiing, snowboarding or anything that involves snow. What is snow made from? WATER! So these pants are made to withstand water. Waterproof ✓.

But not only that, on the slopes, you’re bound to get slammed by wind, to these bad boys are also windproof! Not only that, but they’re made for use in cold and rough conditions so they’re insulated and seam-reinforced.

This makes them a perfect contender for your go-to waterproof cycling pants! They’re made for agility, and lightweight feeling so you won’t even notice them there.

Multi-layered fabric helps stop the rain and wind from getting in, but the thermal layer stops the heat from getting out!


Best Waterproof Cycling Pants: What Do I Choose?

Selecting the best waterproof cycling pants for your specific needs will vary. Things such as where you will be biking, how long you’ll be exposed to water. If you’re going to submerging yourself in any sort of water, and a whole range of other things.

Ultimately, any of these pants will work for you if you just want some water resistance from the rain when you’re cycling around. If you’re planning on riding through big puddles, you may need something with more waterproofing!

If you’re buying waterproof pants for your daily commute, you should be fine with all these offerings. But keep in mind that you may want to opt for some waterproof cycling pants that are able to fit over your pants that you will wear for the day. Pants such as the Gore Bike Wear and the Transit Shower Pants should easily fit over your pants for work or other activities.

A light fabric will also help you if you’re covering up another pair of pants you don’t want to get wet.

In general, the more waterproof the pants, the less breathable they will be. With medium waterproofing, you should find you have a comfortable level of breathability too.

If you’re after some other accessories for your ebike, check out my article here on the best ebike accessories!

As usual, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or drop a comment below, I reply to every one!

I’ll see you out there in the rain with your new waterproof cycling pants!

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